The 2023 Survey has ended, and we are currently processing results and preparing to complete the prize draw and deliver mobile app gift cards. Please be patient while we complete this. We will contact survey draw winners, and app users who have successfully completed the mobile app activity survey.

The British Columbia Activity Time Use Survey (BC ATUS) is a collaborative effort between the University of British Columbia and the federal government (Environment and Climate Change Canada).

Metro Vancouver


Our goal is to gather data about the daily activities of all household members, both at home and away. We will use this information to analyze travel and in-home/online activity patterns, and their relationships, which will be critical to accurately forecast travel demand and develop appropriate transportation plans and policies, and invest in infrastructures. This is a three-year longitudinal survey; meaning, we will be collecting data from the same participants this year, next year and the following year around the same time. The purpose is to understand the changes in travel behaviour over time, and how to prepare to meet the evolving needs of the residents. The data will also contribute to creating an innovative modelling system for accurately predicting travel pattern, and reduce congestion and transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

Participants will be asked to log their activities over a 24-hour period, whether at home or outside, and about their demographics and vehicle ownership. Furthermore, participants may choose to participate in our smartphone app after completing the web survey.

The survey is voluntary and can only be completed online.

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